Who Attends

Partial List of Confirmed 2020 Participants (as of 10/20/2020)

  • 4D Molecular Therapeutics, Senior Director Strategic Alliances
  • AbbVie Inc, VP & Head
  • ABIS Grp Advanced Business Intelligence Solutions, VP Business Development
  • AbSci LLC, Senior Director Alliance Management
  • Agios Pharmaceuticals, Associate Director Alliance Management
  • Akebia Therapeutics Inc, Associate Director Alliance Management & Strategic Planning
  • Alector Therapeutics, Senior Program & Alliance Manager
  • AstraZeneca, Senior Alliance Manager
  • AstraZeneca, VP Alliance & Integration Management
  • AstraZeneca Biologics, Associate Director Alliance Management
  • AstraZeneca Biologics, Director & Head
  • AstraZeneca Biologics, Senior Alliance Manager
  • AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Inc, Pharmacovigilance Business Development Lead
  • Bayer Corp, Director Alliance Management & Business Development & Licensing
  • BeiGene, Director Alliance Management
  • Bristol Myers Squibb, Associate Director
  • Bristol Myers Squibb, Director
  • Bristol Myers Squibb Co, Associate Director
  • Bristol Myers Squibb Co, Associate Director
  • Bristol Myers Squibb Co, Associate Director & Alliance Lead
  • Bristol Myers Squibb Co, Head Business Development IT & Enterprise Integration
  • Bristol Myers Squibb Co, Senior Director Dev & Commercial Alliances
  • Cancer Research UK, Strategic Alliance Manager
  • CAS, Senior Product Manager
  • Chugai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Manager
  • CSL Behring, Director Alliance Management
  • CStone Pharmaceuticals Co Ltd, Associate VP & Head
  • CytoReason, Alliance Manager
  • Daiichi Sankyo Inc, Director
  • Eli Lilly & Co, Chief Alliance Officer
  • Eli Lilly & Co, Director Alliance Management
  • Eli Lilly & Co, Intelligence Analyst
  • F Hoffmann La Roche AG, Global Head
  • Forty Seven Inc, Director Project Management
  • Genentech Inc, Principal Project Manager
  • Guardant Health Inc, Alliance Manager
  • Guardant Health Inc, Alliance Manager
  • Guardant Health Inc, Alliance Manager
  • Guardant Health Inc, Alliance Manager
  • Guardant Health Inc, Associate Director Alliance Management
  • Guardant Health Inc, Director Companion Diagnostics
  • Illumina Inc, Director Alliances
  • Incyte Corp, Senior Director Alliance Management & Global Strategy & Corp Dev
  • Innovent Biologics Inc, Senior Director Business Development & Alliance Management
  • Inserm Transfert, Senior Market Access & Business Development Manager
  • Ipsen Bioscience Inc, Senior Director
  • ISA Pharmaceuticals BV, Director Project & Alliance Management
  • Janssen Diagnostics LLC, Associate Director Alliance Management
  • Johnson & Johnson, Director Strategic Alliance
  • Johnson & Johnson, VP Business Development
  • Klus Pharma Inc, Associate Director Business Development
  • Kyowa Kirin Pharmaceutical Inc, Director, Business Development and Alliance Manage
  • Kyowa Kirin Pharmaceutical Inc, Head
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Alliance Manager
  • Merck, Director Corp Alliance Management
  • Merck, Director of Strategic Alliances
  • Merck Serono Research, Head
  • Mount Sinai Innovation Partners, Director Alliance Management
  • Nationwide Childrens Hospital, Alliance Manager
  • Novartis, Regional Head
  • ONO Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Senior Manager
  • PellePharm Inc, Senior Director
  • Pfenex Inc, Director Product Dev
  • Pfizer Inc, Director External Alliances Internal Medicine
  • Pfizer Inc, Senior Scientist
  • Pfizer Inc, VP Business Development & Head
  • Rady Childrens Hospital San Diego, Manager Strategic Programs
  • Roche Pharma, Senior Alliance Manager
  • Sanofi, Alliance Manager
  • Sanofi, N America Hub Business Partner
  • Santen Inc, Associate Director Partnership & Alliance Management
  • Sarepta Therapeutics, Associate Director Strategic Alliances
  • Seagen Inc, Senior Director Program & Alliance Management
  • SERVIER, Alliance Management Director
  • Servier Pharmaceuticals, Alliance Management Lead
  • SK Biopharmaceuticals Co Ltd, Alliance Manager
  • SK Biopharmaceuticals Co Ltd, Senior Manager
  • Surface Oncology, Director Program Management
  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals Inc, Alliance Management Lead
  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals Inc, Head Ctr of Excellence Alliance Management
  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals Inc, VP Global Alliance Management & Head
  • The Rhythm of Business, President
  • The Rhythm of Business, Principal
  • Vantage Partners LLC, Analyst
  • Vantage Partners LLC, Engagement Leader
  • Vantage Partners LLC, Partner
  • Vantage Partners LLC, Partner
  • Vantage Partners LLC, Senior Consultant
  • Vantage Partners LLC, Senior Consultant
  • Vir Biotechnology Inc, Director
  • Vir Biotechnology Inc, Director of Alliance Management
  • Vir Biotechnology Inc, Market Lead
  • WAVE Life Sciences, Senior Director Alliance & Program Management
  • WAVE Life Sciences, Senior Manager Alliance and Program Management
  • Wildwood Ventures Ltd, CEO


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