The Evolution and Challenges of Biopharma Alliances: Insights from AstraZeneca

Christoph Pittius, Ph.D., Vice President and Head, Transactions, Global Portfolio & Product Strategy Business Development, AstraZeneca AB
CHI interviews Dr. Christoph Pittius, Vice President and Head of Transactions, Global Portfolio & Product Strategy, Business Development at AstraZeneca AB about current challenges and future trends of biopharma alliances.

Discussion points and questions include:
  • How are biopharma alliances and deal-making evolving? What specific trends do you see developing?
  • What are some of the biggest challenges seen in deal-making today?
  • What are critical steps necessary to overcome these challenges to maximize the value of strategic partnerships?
  • What is your outlook for the future of strategic partnerships and deal-making? What types of partnerships do you think will increase over time?

Assessing the Challenges and Value of Sponsor-CRO Strategic Partnerships

with Jonathan Hughes, Partner, Outsourcing & Supply Chain Management Practice Leader, Vantage Partners
CHI recently interviewed Jonathan Hughes, Partner and Practice Lead of Outsourcing and Supply Chain Management at Vantage Partners about the evolution of Sponsor-CRO strategic partnerships to date; challenges and opportunities in forming these types of partnerships; and an outlook on how these partnerships will continue to evolve.

Discussion points and questions include:
  • Can you tell us a bit about yourself and the role you play at Vantage?
  • Forming strategic alliances with CROs has not traditionally been the route sponsors have taken. Why has this changed and where are we now? Also, how have sponsors and CROs adapted over the years?
  • What are some of the unforeseen risks and benefits of moving beyond a traditional customer-vendor relationship?
  • During the upcoming Strategic Alliance Management Congress Vantage will be hosting a luncheon workshop focused on managing sponsor-CRO partnerships. Can you give us any insights as to what attendees can expect to learn during this?
  • We like to end our podcasts with an outlook. In your opinion, how will Sponsor-CRO relationships continue to evolve?

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