Interactive Breakout Discussions

Monday, May 9, 4:15 PM

TABLE 1: Best Practices for Managing Large Alliances with Many Programs
Anna Maroney, PhD, Vice President & Head, Alliance Management, AbbVie, Inc.
Jan Twombly, President, The Rhythm of Business
Annlouise Goodermuth, Senior Director, Alliance Management, Everest Medicines

Managing large partnerships with multiple internal and external stakeholders is challenging and requires governance, clear roles and responsibilities and aligned business/operational guidance. This group will explore strategies to overcome the challenges and complexities of such alliances.

  • Creating and managing complex governance systems
  • Aligning internal stakeholders
  • Information sharing across the organization

TABLE 2: Navigating your Career as an Alliance Manager
Steven Twait, Vice President, Alliance & Integration Management, AstraZeneca
Cindy Warren, Vice President, Business Development, Global Neuroscience and Japan Region, Janssen Business Development, Johnson & Johnson

This group will discuss some of the characteristics of effective alliance managers, career path options, shifting needs of the alliance manager skill set, and future state of the alliance management, among other topics. Exchange ideas and make new connections to guide your future as an Alliance Manager.

  • Explore the skills to be gaining today, as well as development opportunities and resources
  • Discuss the future of alliance management and emerging areas of importance for alliance managers
  • Share strategies for building a path to senior executive ranks

TABLE 3: Establishing Alliance Management as a Strategic Brand in Your Organization
Bill Zeruld, Head of Strategic Operations and Alliance Management, Otsuka

Building your Alliance Management function so that it is viewed as a strategic and value-adding partner within your organization is a difficult task. This roundtable looks at how Alliance Management can build up its brand.

  • Strategies to demonstrate value throughout alliance lifecycles
  • Effectively communicating the value of Alliance Management as a strategic partner in the organization

Tuesday, May 10, 5:00 PM

TABLE 4: Alliance Governance Today: Making it Agile
Jan Twombly, President, The Rhythm of Business

Good governance is one of the most important elements to ensuring alliance success and effective partnerships. This group will discuss strategies to create an effective governance structure and lessons from governing virtually during the pandemic.

  • What learnings from governing virtually during the pandemic can be carried forward?
  • When should you consider adjusting a governance structure?
  • What are the characteristics of an agile governance process?

TABLE 5: Alliance Management & Project Management – Managing the Divide
Dan Bushell, Executive Director, Alliance Management, Nektar Therapeutics, Inc.
Annlouise Goodermuth, Senior Director, Alliance Management, Everest Medicines

Alliance Management and Project/Program Management can be similar enough that many companies struggle to manage the divide between the functions, or debate if the two functions need to be separate. This roundtable will tackle the issues of whether alliance management and project management should be treated separately or as a combined function, including the following topics:

  • Benefits of separate functions versus single function
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities
  • Ensuring responsibilities of both functions are managed adequately

TABLE 6: Alliance Startup Process
Chandrakant Patel, Dir Alliances, Development & Commercial Alliances, Bristol Myers Squibb Co

A robust launch is the most efficient way to set up a relationship for success. This group will explore some of the challenges and best practices for launching an alliance for success.

  • Lessons from virtual launches during the pandemic that can be used in a post-Covid world
  • How, if at all, does your organization employ a systematic approach to launch alliances?
  • What are the initial challenges, necessities and opportunities during an alliance launch?

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