The Alliance Manager as Interventionist 

Adam Kornetsky, Senior Consultant, Vantage Partners
Mai-Tal Kennedy, Senior Consultant, Vantage Partners
A key aspect of the Alliance Management role is that of “interventionist" - Alliance Managers need to spot and then intervene in challenging moments, including conflicts, re-negotiations, interpersonal dislocations, team dysfunction, and the like. That said, most Alliance Mangers do not have any formal training on this aspect of the role or indeed have any frameworks or tools for their use. This both lowers their effectiveness and indeed can undermine the recognition of the Alliance Management organization and its role and value. In this interactive, experiential session Vantage will share and the participants will have the opportunity to discuss and consider just such a set of frameworks and tools, in this way both elevating their ability to play their role and enhancing their clarity and purposefulness in designing effective and ultimately value creating interventions.

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