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A Networking Congress for Building Relationships and Pharmaceutical Advancement

About the Event

As the biopharmaceutical industry continues to rely on alliances and collaboration with external organizations to access innovation and obtain market access, internal teams are often confronted with the increasing complexities of systematically and effectively managing partnerships throughout their lifecycle. The function and organizational capability of Alliance Management is now recognized as a critical means to ensure the successful execution of any strategic partnership, acting as a central driver of value, while alleviating aggravations, and meeting alliance goals.

Now in its eighteenth year, Strategic Alliance Management Congress will again unite senior alliance management, business development, project management, technology transfer, and licensing professionals to network, discuss case studies, and share the components that cultivate successful partnerships. Delegates will gain strategic insights, proven tools, methods, and perspectives from a variety of leaders advancing the art of Alliance Management.

2021 Featured Speakers

Michael Kennedy, PhD
Senior Director, Business Development & Licensing, Alliance Management, Bayer AG

Anna Maroney, PhD
Vice President & Head, Alliance Management, AbbVie

Brigid McTague
Vice President, Planning, Resourcing and Partnerships, Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Michele Schmidt
Vice President, Global Clinical Operations and Planning, Daiichi Sankyo

Steven Twait
Vice President, Alliance & Integration Management, AstraZeneca

Stefan Walke
Global Head of Alliance Management, Boehringer Ingelheim

Richard Vatcher
Head, Alliance Management, GlaxoSmithKlineeim

Joseph Havrilla
Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Office of Industry and Economic Partnerships, University of Pittsburgh

Pre-Conference Workshop | May 18:
Bridging the Digital Divide: Navigating and Executing Life Science and Digital Partnerships

Ben Siddall, Partner, Vantage Partners

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Hear Case Studies & Best Practices from Leading Biopharma Alliance Teams.


Case Studies of Successful Biopharma Partnerships

Alliance Launch: First 100 Days

Transitioning from Licensing to Alliance

Building a Robust Alliance Management Strategy and Governance

Creating True Alliance Capability and Generating Value

Obtaining Trust and Shared Culture

The AM Lifecycle: Negotiation to Termination

Health Check Assessments and Re-Launch

Dealing with Ailing or Dysfunctional Alliances

Selling the Value: Obtaining C-Suite Support

Managing Organizational Changes with Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures

Integration Management

Managing Diverse Portfolios

Companion Diagnostic Co-Development

Innovative Partnership Models

Managing Service-Based Partnerships

Managing Academic-Industry Partnerships