Who Attends

Partial List of Confirmed 2018 Participants


Abbott Diabetes Care, Manager

AbbVie Inc, Vice President & Head

Ache Labs SA, Senior Alliance Manager

Adimab LLC, Associate Director Strategic Alliances

Adimab LLC, Alliance Manager

AMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc, Senior Director Alliance Management

Amarin Pharma Inc, Director Business Development

Amarin Pharma Inc, Senior Director Business Development

Amblyotech Inc, CEO

American Society for Microbiology, Director Strategic Alliances

Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd, Vice President Commercial & Business Development

Astellas Pharma US Inc, Executive Director Alliance Management

AstraZeneca Biologics, Senior Director Alliance Management

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Inc, Alliance Director Global Medicines Development

Bayer Corp, Director Alliance Management, Business Development & Licensing

Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, Director Alliance Management

Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Deputy Director Alliance Management

Blueprint Medicines, Associate Director Alliance Management

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc, Executive Director & Global Head

Brandeis University, Professor

Bristol Myers Squibb Co, Head Business Development IT & Enterprise Integration

Bristol Myers Squibb Co, Alliance Management Lead

Bristol Myers Squibb Co, Associate Director Grants Management

Broad Institute, Senior Director

C4 Therapeutics Inc, Senior Vice President Strategic Alliances

Cancer Research UK, Associate Director

Cancer Research UK, Business Development Manager

Cardinal Health Regulatory Sciences, Director Business Development

Celgene Corp, Vice President Business Development & Global Alliances

Chugai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Manager

Cook Regentec, Director Strategic Development

Eisai Inc, Executive Director Program & Alliance Management

Eisai Inc, Associate Director Alliance Management

Eisai Inc, Senior Scientist

Eli Lilly & Co, Director Alliance Management

Enable Injections LLC, Marketing Associate

Enable Injections LLC, Executive Vice President & CCO

Envisage Life Science Partners, Managing Partner

GlaxoSmithKline, Alliance Director & Head of CoE Operations

Janssen R&D LLC, Research Manager

Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures, Associate Director

Juno Therapeutics, Senior Manager

Latham BioPharm Grp, Director Government Consulting

LEO Pharma AS, Strategic Alliance Manager

McKinsey & Co Inc, Partner

McKinsey & Co Inc, Research Analyst

MedinCell SA, Director Business Development & Alliance Management

Melinta Therapeutics Inc, Director Project Management

Merck, Director Strategic Alliances

Merck & Co, Associate Director Strategic Alliances

Merck & Co Inc, Alliance Director Strategic Alliance Management

Merck & Co Inc, Director

Merck & Co Inc, Associate Director

Merck & Co Inc, Clinical Demand Program Manager

Merck Research Labs, Director

Mount Sinai Innovation Partners, Director Alliance Management

Mount Sinai Innovation Partners, Associate Director

Natl Disease Research Interchange, Senior Vice President Strategic Initiatives

Nevakar LLC, Director Program Management

Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Executive Director Business Development & Licensing Oncology

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp, Vice President Oncology Alliance Management

Opes Partners Healthcare Consultants, Founder

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Dev & Commercialization Inc, Director Alliance Management & Business Development

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Dev & Commercialization Inc, Associate Director Alliance Management

Pfizer Inc, Director Worldwide Business Development Alliance Management

Recursion Pharmaceuticals Inc, Product Manager

Retrophin Inc, Specialist

Roche Diagnostics, Program Manager

Sanofi Pasteur, Manager

Schrodinger Inc, Alliance Manager

Selvita SA, Manager

Shire, Head of Alliance Management

Shire, Director Alliance Management

Syndax Pharmaceuticals Inc, Executive Director Corporate Development

Synthego, Vice President Business Development & Strategy

The Rhythm of Business, President

University of Pennsylvania, Director Business Development & Alliances

Vantage Partners LLC, Founder & Partner

Vantage Partners LLC, Consultant

Vantage Partners LLC, Analyst Manager

Vantage Partners LLC, Partner

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc, Senior Director Alliance Management

WAVE Life Sciences, Director Alliance & Program Management

Yissum Research Dev Co, Senior Vice President Alliances & Contracts Management

prelim agenda


For details on the US and Europe agenda, please contact:

Kaitlin Kelleher
Conference Producer
+1 781.972.5498